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Granite cutting wire saw

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Granite cutting wire saw

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Detailed introduction

   Scope of application of granite cutting wire saw

1 mining, sandstone mines;

2 granite quarry plastic;

The 3 factory in shaping and cutting granite blocks;

Suitable for various types of segmentation and shaping 4 granite blocks.

   Product features of granite cutting wire saw

1 wire saw cutting efficiency, smooth and smooth cutting surface;

2 the number of broken wire rope is less, and the length of the cutting life is long;

3 small kerf sawing sawing, accurate, reliable, according to the different kinds of stone by different cutting process;

4 high mining efficiency, safety and environmental protection work;

5 high yield, block structured, can produce large-scale blocks;

6 mining low comprehensive cost, low energy consumption, high yield.

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  The company produces granite cutting wire saw the use of domestic and foreign advanced technology, sophisticated technology, cost-effective, access to domestic and international markets. The company also undertake a variety of rope saw steel wire rope, track steel cord, cutting wire saw production. Welcome from all walks of life at home and abroad to inquire!

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