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Analysis on current situation and development trend of steel cord for track

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Analysis on current situation and development trend of steel cord for track

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Track steel cord is made of high carbon steel wire with a diameter of 5.5MM through the processing of high carbon steel wire drawn into a high carbon steel wire and then drawn into a fine wire rope, is the main frame of the tire material. China steel cord started in the last century 60's, is accompanied by the development of radial tire and the gradual development and growth of. By 2013, China's total of 23 steel cord manufacturers, production of about 1 million 800 thousand tons. At present, the current situation of steel cord is: 1, the production company is too much, the level of producti


on equipment tends to homogeneity. 2, product varieties from 1980s more than ten kinds of development for the present dozens of. 3,

H.jpgHT (high strength steel cord) products have become a normal product. At present, the mainstream of the market is still NT (ordinary strength steel cord), HT products. 4, some enterprises have mass production of ST (ultra-high strength steel cord), UT (ultra high tensile strength cord) products. 5, part of the auxiliary material is still dependent on imports. The development trend of the steel cord is: 1, green tire manufacturing, reduce tire rolling resistance, producing high strength steel cord and improve the tire safety and reduce tire steel cord and rubber usage, reduce the consumption of resources, to achieve a lightweight tire and reduce tire rolling resistance and fuel consumption. HT, ST has become the new normal, UT application gradually expanded, MT has begun to go out of the laboratory. 2, the effective service life of the tire to extend (more refurbished times). In order to improve the fatigue property of the steel cord and the good adhesion with the rubber. Line contact with close type steel cord applications increased. The technology of improving the performance of steel cord penetration is endless, and the application of the steel cord with good permeability is gradually increasing. Study on bonding technology just unfolding. At the same time, a new type of coating research has not been abandoned. 3, steel cord green manufacturing technology. Czochralski technique application; lead to cancel (AQ, fluidized bed quenching, wire cable's body processing); regeneration of acid (HCl and H3PO4) processing, to achieve recycling acid; reduce borax content of powder lubricant application, and regeneration of the powder lubrication utilization. Harmless treatment of waste lubricating liquid, etc..

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