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Analysis of the advantage of diamond cutting rope saw machine

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Analysis of the advantage of diamond cutting rope saw machine

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With the rope saw machine this stone machinery mining granite has the following advantages:


1 wide adaptability, cutting wire saw is suitable for all types of mines, and flame cutting is only suitable for high quartz content, less cracks in the granite mine.

2 strong function, high efficiency, first mining depth, can reach l0 ~ 20m or even deeper, flame cutting is generally within 10m; second cutting speed is fast, generally can reach 3 ~ 4m2/h, is 2 ~ 3 times of flame cutting.

3 wire saw can be vertical, horizontal, inclined plane and other direction of cutting, but also blind cut, and flame cutting can only be carried out on the vertical cutting.

4. The rate of finished products is high, the comprehensive cost low, first wire saw cut is very smooth and not of the blocks caused any internal injury, second zigzag small, only about 11mm, will not cause waste of resources; and flame cutting section is rough and of the blocks caused some internal injuries, and the kerf, generally for 100 ~ 300mm, resulting in great waste of resources and production cost is high.

5. Safety and environmental protection, rope saw mining without noise and dust, does not affect the nearby residents and other assignments, and automation degree high, separated operation, low labor intensity of workers, high safety; and flame cutting noise and dust are very large, serious impact on nearby residents and other workers, and workers' labor intensity big, security is relatively low. In summary, in the growing shortage of resources, the surge in oil prices today, with a rope saw granite mining has a remarkable economic benefit and social benefit.

Control wire saw the production and application of factors, although application of gold rope saw mining traditional mining methods can not match advantage, but in actual production application of new rope saw also has a series of technical difficulties, including the high cutting efficiency, long life, low price and high reliability. Diamond wire saw is a kind of fragile and easily damaged system. As a ring chain, it is necessary to strengthen the weakest link. The reliability of diamond wire saw is a great problem. Rope saw damage will result in the failure of the entire tool, or make its life expectancy significantly reduced, which has a great impact on the design of the tool and the production of diamond wire saw.

Diamond wire saw production has not yet been a lot of diamond tool manufacturers to master. On the one hand, this is because the diamond wire saw blade production than simple production is more complex. On the other hand, the production of a suitable saw cut natural stone material need diamond wire saw manufacturers and end users of the close cooperation and cooperation. With the diamond wire saw Association of a variety of factors, including: beaded saw cutting life and strings of beads sawing speed and string of beads spacing on the rope saw, mold design, under the normal working condition of wire rope life the various technical difficulties.

(a) the most common problem 1. Rope saw could not saw cut with the use of the most commonly encountered is incorrect selection of diamond (often use too good diamond), carcass, bead spacing, mould design or wrong application parameters. For example, we choose too high diamond density or too good diamond, its sawing performance is not too good. Diamond will not be easy to crack, so it is difficult to produce new sharp blade tip.

2. Saw fracture of rope saw rope fracture, usually using the wrong application parameters or sawing wire quality is poor, which means between plastic / rubber and diamond binding is not firm, causing the cuttings into diamond wire saw in, soon magma or debris between the bead steel body and the wire rope portion of the contact and friction between wire rope and wire connecting thread began to fracture, which may due to the incorrect use of a binding agent. The rope break also may be due to the wrong selection of wire rope, wire steel body, injection molding and heat treatment after the bad.

Cut layer from the steel body with a beaded stripping down the 3. Beaded spalling if beads, usually to improper selection of carcass, or use the wrong sintering parameters. Usually not the correct cold pressure process is also the reason of spalling. Sometimes it may be due to improper dewaxing process, between the metal matrix and beaded steel body into paraffin. Sometimes the problem is related to improper cleaning and wire steel body.

4 Beaded Beaded loose binding is not strong, binding is not strong, the problem is usually signals generated by the injection molding process. May also is made of steel wire rope is improper or diamond internal contamination, improper cleaning related, which will lead to beads and plastic / rubber injection between binding and not in prison.

Overall, the production of diamond wire saw is a trick, it than the production of diamond saw blade is more demanding, like a circular chain, production of diamond wire saw is made up of many different production process, if the problems are existing in a production process, is diamond wire saw the whole value will be endangered. Many companies have no experience in this area, therefore, to have a very good saw cutting function of diamond wire saw a strong basis for a period of time.

(2) domestic technology continues to improve and progress in recent years, the quality and technology of domestic manufacturers to produce diamond beaded rope is steadily improving has reached or close to the advanced level of similar imported products. Its main performance in the following aspects:

Improvement of the quality of wire rope, due to widespread use of the imported high quality steel wire rope to solve the steel wire rope is easy to be broken, and improves the durability of the string bead wire is directly;

2 it is bead spacing to maintain material quality improvement, is now widely used in the high strength plastic, rubber, making beads and wire rope to firmly combine, resolved the loose beads, beads and other problems, greatly improved the quality of beaded rope.

Three is the improvement of diamond quality, either electroplating or sintered beads, both in marble or granite cutting, its stability and wear resistance have greatly improved, greatly improving the string bead wire

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