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China track steel cord production technology in breaking force and other aspects of foreign

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China track steel cord production technology in breaking force and other aspects of foreign

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With foreign production equipment and technology introduction, digestion, absorption, and the several generations of engineering and technical personnel of the continuous efforts and innovation, track steel cord production technology level increases, many new technology, new technology, new product structure application in steel cord and tire industries, greatly reducing the difference with the international advanced level of steel cord products in China, such as heat treatment using open flame heating furnace, drawing the multipass straight into type drawing machine, thermal diffusion using boiling ion tempering furnace and other new technology and process for the production of steel cord bring major changes. Steel cord industry production efficiency greatly improved, the quality of products is becoming more stable. The application and innovation of steel cord equipment and technology have become the main factors of the core competitiveness of steel cord manufacturing industry.

Currently steel cord of the main production process: wire rod, drawing, heat treatment - pull, electroplating, water tank, stranding - winding, rewinding, packaging. Wire rod is the production of raw materials, Steel Corp are generally imported from Japan and germany.

The release of the 2014-2018 China steel cord Industry Market Research Report "shows that with the rising of national regulation and raw material prices, now the Baosteel and Shagang but in breaking ability is inferior to the overseas. Breakdown is the diameter of 1.75 wire rod, on the basis of using the mold and the lubrication Jackie drawing into 1.35 meters of wire, even after heat treatment. Heat treatment is the wire over at high temperature, is mainly to remove impurities and rust. Pull the 1.35 wire drawn into 0.75 smaller diameter of the steel wire. Plating is a layer of brass on the steel wire drawn on it. The main effect of brass is to increase the adhesion and force between the steel cord and the tire. The water tank (drawing) is the steel wire drawing electroplating into 0.22, 0.25, 0.35 different diameter filaments. Twisting is according to the customer's need to get a few dozen root or filament twist into a rope. Products out of the future but also to detect its flatness, torsion, color, loose. The outer side of the outer side which is 0.15 of the outer side of the surface is an intuition of the outer winding, and the effect is to increase the contact surface of the tire cord and tire. Packaging needs to pay attention to the packaging can not have air.

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