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How to pay attention to the track steel curtain wire coil during shipment details

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How to pay attention to the track steel curtain wire coil during shipment details

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Track steel cord is the most widely used in the rubber skeleton material, and it is also the most difficult product in the metal products. The definition of the steel cord in the standard of the international synthetic fibre standardization bureau is composed of two or more steel wires, or a combination of the strands and strands or the structure formed by the combination of the strands and the strands.

How to pay attention to the track steel curtain wire coil during shipment details

Steel cord steel cord is developed with the development of the radial tire, and the radial tire is the companion of the auto industry and the highway.

Steel cord is made of high quality carbon steel surface is plated with brass, and has a special purpose of fine specification steel wire strand or rope. Mainly used for car tires, light truck tires, heavy-duty truck tires, construction machinery tires and aircraft tires and other rubber products framework materials. The radial tire made of steel cord as reinforcement material has the advantages of long service life, fast running speed, puncture resistance, good elasticity, safety and comfort, and fuel saving. Radial tire is the development trend of tire industry.

We know of reel for shipment, there will be more or less some problems, these problems in a certain time, will lead to the quality of instability, which, in a certain time, especially in the process of transportation, we should pay attention to, there can be no such problems. The cable tray does not allow horizontal loading. Lying will make the cable winding loose, but also easy to make cable and cable disc damage. Power cables are generally wrapped around the cable tray for transportation, storage and installation of cast. Below 30m of short cable can also be by no less than allowed by cable minimum bending radius of roll into a circle, and at least around fastened in handling. Cable, cable for mine in the past of the cable tray is wooden structure, now for the steel structure, because the steel structure is strong. It is not easy to damage, to protect the cable is very good and the cable reel can reuse, than wooden cable tray economy.

In the process of transport, the most important is to protect the cable, can not cause the problem to the cable only. In the process of transportation and loading and unloading of the cable tray, the key problem is not to make the cable damage, do not make the insulation of the cable was damaged. Although this is a well-known problem, but also often occur, and therefore should be paid enough attention.

Installed cable tray by the cable car, cable tray transport in the car when should foot sofa steady and firmly fixed, cable tray edge should be padding, prevent the cable tray sloshing, collide with each other or dumping. Inspection must be carried out before the cable transport, cable should be intact and cable terminated should be closely; the tubing between the cable and the outer end head and oil filled cable and pressure box on the disc to be firmly fixed, avoid in the transport process under shock and loose; the pressure tank of oil supply valve should be in open state, the pressure indication is normal; the outside of the cable to do protection, to prevent foreign object damage. If it is found that the problem should be handled before loading and transportation.

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