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Steel cord for the future or thread is facing a major reshuffle of the track

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Steel cord for the future or thread is facing a major reshuffle of the track

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First, the production profile

With the development of Chinese tire industry and radial ratio increasing, the steel cord market scale is increasing. Prior to 2008, China steel curtain line showing a trend of rapid growth, growth rate of more than 30%; after 2015, track steel cord market size growth rate began to fall into a single digit. At present, the domestic steel cord market size of about 1 million 300 thousand tons.

Steel cord for the future or thread is facing a major reshuffle of the track

In recent years, due to the domestic steel cord industry development is good, many companies began to enter the industry, in addition, the existing enterprises have also expanded capacity. In 2012, the new steel curtain line design capacity of conservatively estimated at more than 50 million tons, capacity is conservatively estimated at more than 200 million tons, while excess capacity, but capacity utilization of domestic steel cord leading enterprises are relatively high.

At present, there are still a lot of companies are investing to expand production capacity, the next few years the steel cord industry has the risk of excess capacity. China steel cord production can basically meet the domestic tire production needs, and already there is a problem of excess capacity. Domestic steel cord imports are relatively small, mainly high quality steel cord. Domestic steel cord market saturation has been relatively high, but there are still a certain structural gap.

Two, market concentration analysis

Domestic steel cord industry in 2005 to achieve localization, the current domestic steel cord production enterprises have about 30 million, mainly distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other provinces in China, the steel cord production in the three regions accounted for more than 70% of the total domestic production. In addition, Zhejiang, Hubei, Henan and other provinces are also more rapid development. Western region, Sichuan, Chongqing, although the base of China's auto production, tire industry is developing rapidly, but the steel cord development is slow. In 2009, Bekaert steel cord of a project in Chongqing formally put into production, production capacity of 100 thousand tons / year.

A high degree of concentration of market of domestic steel cord, two of the industry's largest companies of Jiangsu Xingda, Bekaert reached a combined market share of more than half, ten major steel cord production enterprises of production to account for more than 80% of the market size, belonging to the market concentration degree of industry.

Other enterprise production scale can not be compared with the two. Due to the impact of investment, technology, scale and other factors, the domestic steel cord industry concentration is at a high level, at present, the domestic steel cord production capacity has exceeded market demand, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Three, regional market analysis

Steel cord uses a single, used for the production of radial tires, its market distribution and the production of China's radial tire is closely related. From the point of view of the production of the domestic meridian tire last year, China's radial tire production has obvious regional and needs most is in East China, accounted for ratio as high as 73.83%, compared to 74.53% in 2009, was essentially flat. In other regions, Southern China, North China has declined, the northeast and the western region increased slightly, the central China basically flat.

Domestic tire industry is affected by the influence of auto industry and export policy, slowing growth in nearly two years, further exacerbating the tire industry and overcapacity situation, resulting from the transfer to industry of steel wire cord, overall excess capacity problem is highlighted. At present, Shaanxi, Shandong, Henan and other places there are still some projects under construction, the existing projects are still expanding production capacity, mainly due to the lack of planning, supervision and guidance of the industry. The future of the industry as a whole may usher in a major reshuffle, smaller production, does not have a competitive advantage of the enterprise will exit the industry.

China has become a net exporter of steel cord after 2005, and the import dependence of steel cord is very low. At present, the domestic steel cord has been able to meet the basic needs of the market, only individual models require a higher steel cord also need to import. In the future with the adjustment of domestic steel cord product structure, can better meet the needs of domestic tire enterprises, the import of steel cord will not appear large-scale growth.

At present, domestic major steel cord production enterprises will be a small amount of exports. Overall, the export of domestic steel cord is still relatively small.

From the perspective of industrial transfer, the global tire industry is shifting to East Asia, Southeast Asia, the export volume of domestic tires increased rapidly, the demand for the new curtain line is also more obvious. Domestic steel cord exports have been less, the main supply of the domestic market, the next few years, this situation will be changed.

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