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"Green tire" to promote the track steel cord Market Expansion

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"Green tire" to promote the track steel cord Market Expansion

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In recent years, as the Chinese government continue to increase energy-saving environmental protection efforts, tire industry "green tire industry development strategy to accelerate the implementation of, so as to promote our track steel cord market expansion, become a hot topic of current iron and steel production, trade and industry attention.


"Green tire" is that due to the application of new materials and design, leading to low rolling resistance, and low fuel consumption, emissions less radial tire. Compared with the same specifications of ordinary tires, the rolling resistance of the green tire can be reduced by 22%~35%, therefore, can reduce the car fuel consumption 3%~8%, so that the emissions of carbon dioxide and other emissions of vehicles has declined. Industry experts pointed out that the rolling resistance of the tire to reduce 10%, a tire can save 0.16 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, 200 grams of carbon dioxide emission reduction ~300 G. Data show that in 2012 China's tire output for the article, if the rolling resistance of these tires are reduced by 10%, which means that the annual emission reduction of carbon dioxide close to 2.5 tons. Therefore, the "green tire" alternative to ordinary tires is an inevitable trend.

As China's tire radial rate increase, meridian tire cord steel market. "Green tire" green material support, including radial tire steel cord is an important raw material. Market participants believe that the future of meridian tire cord steel market is huge, and the demand will continue to increase. Industry statistics show, is expected to 2015, the total amount of the auto tire demand is about 3.6 million, all tire radial rate (of a radial tire accounted for tire production ratio) will be increased to more than 80%, which car tire radial rate will reach 92%. Is expected in the next five years, radial tire demand will continue to maintain growth, thus driving the meridian tire cord steel demand continues to grow. According to the 2012 to 2016 Chinese meridian tire steel cord industry investment research and analysis and forecast report ", in 2012 the total amount of China's tire about 4.83 billion, than last year growth of 5% to 7%, which radial tire production about around 4.32 billion, an increase of 8% to 9%.

The national preferential policies to support the development of meridian tire cord steel. At present, radial tyre and supporting materials meridian tire cord steel has become the focus of support and development of national industry. The state has issued a series of preferential policies to support domestic tire enterprises development of all steel and semi steel radial tire, eliminate backward bias tire products, thus greatly positive radial tyre steel cord production. For example, national development and Reform Commission issued the "industrial structure adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011), the" Regulations "high grade radial tire and matching special materials, production equipment" belongs to the country to encourage the development of industries in revising this year, the latest of the file version still be classified for the country to encourage the development of industries. Jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Commerce and the State Intellectual Property Office is the current priority to the development of high technology industry key field guide "," radial tire production of key raw materials "are listed in the" new materials "directory. "Rubber industry" in 12th Five-Year "development planning guidelines" clearly put forward, "12th Five-Year" period, will actively support the development of high performance and energy saving and environmental protection radial tires.

In addition, the continuous development of China's auto industry and tire industry will be the steel cord products to put forward higher and more stringent technical requirements. For example, auto manufacturers to save material, steel cord to the thick specification, high strength and high strength development. Therefore, the iron and steel industry is to vigorously develop the high strength, super high strength steel cord; the second is the production of simple structure of the steel cord, simplify the production process, reduce manufacturing cost and purchasing cost; three is to improve the bonding performance of steel cord and rubber (including the initial adhesion force and cohesive force retention), glue penetration performance, high adhesive elongation and corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance of the "green tire" promoting steel cord market expansion performance, to extend the service life of the tire and improve tire retreading rate.

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