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Analysis on the present situation of steel cord Market in China

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Analysis on the present situation of steel cord Market in China

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      China has become the world's first wire products production. Steel cord is composed of two or more than two wire, or the combination of stocks and shares or structure formed by the combination of stock and wire, rubber reinforcing materials in the development of the most broad products, is also in the metal products production is the most difficult of the products.

Analysis on the present situation of steel cord Market in China

Shang Pu consulting industry analysts pointed out: in recent years, China's steel cord production of high-speed growth, steel cord production enterprises are also showing a growing trend. At the same time, high technology content and high added value of steel cord gradually by foreign monopoly to monopoly, steel cord products competition is gradually fierce, China's steel cord wire rod production enterprises still great product technology room for improvement.

Steel cord is widely used, mainly used in car tires, light truck tires, heavy-duty truck tires, construction machinery tires and aircraft tires and other rubber products. In the production of smelting, rolling, processing and so on each link has the special requirements, is the letter of the whole process of quality steel. Development of high strength and ultra high strength steel cord can prolong the service life of the tire and improve the safety performance of the tire, also can reduce the dosage of tire steel cord, reduce the production cost of the tire. China should continue to optimize the smelting process, to the development of high purity steel steelmaking direction.

Track with the profits of steel cord tire industry than to high, therefore, some enterprises are new steel cord project, or is expanding the capacity of steel cord, is expected to the expansion of production capacity in the next 1-2 years to reach design capacity, however, due to the technical content of the steel cord is higher, the production process complex, quality system stable is difficult to guarantee, so the industry has influence and great production capacity of enterprises are not many, to mass production of special specifications, high quality, many varieties of steel cord less enterprises. A lot of high strength, high strength, high value-added steel cord wire rod products still need to import large quantities.

The general advice is still published "2014-2017 years Chinese steel cord Market Analysis Research Report" showed that the steel cord is a typical complete industrial products, in the rapid development of the tire industry at the same time, the growth rate of the steel cord is also accelerating. Domestic enterprises shall, through the introduction of advanced technology, improve product quality and technical level, so as to have a strong cost advantage in the competition with foreign products to maintain the advantage.

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