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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw (two)

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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw (two)

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  (3) wire saw wire rope

The bead is spacing are fixed on the steel wire rope and in the driven downward cut, so the wire rope can be regarded as the string bead wire ridge beam ". Bead wire saws in use process, wire rope often due to fatigue wear and wear debris abrasion, chemical corrosion and other reasons and the emergence of the phenomenon of breaking the rope, especially when the processing area reaches a certain amount, the phenomenon of breaking the rope more frequently. Broken rope not only affect the production, but also bring rejection bead wounding, such as hidden dangers, so the performance of steel wire rope on the beaded rope use is essential. In addition to the performance of steel wire, steel wire rope life also with the process of pre tightening force and the guide wheel minimum curvature, processing beaded axial load and impact load factors related. Therefore, it should be use of companies specializing in the production of steel wire rope products, and should be used to reference the rope instructions.


General process of 3 wire saw for stone processing

Practical work, with Beaded rope the sawing of stone variety, sawing conditions are quite different, in mining, special-shaped stone processing and building demolition, etc. the use and the sawing process, it is very difficult for the analogy, the string bead wire saw cutting general blocks, which is a typical process of string bead wire sawing stone sawing cutting curves and the relevant rules.

3.1 from the point of leveling

Bead wire cutting mechanism and process is very complex. In order to facilitate the description, the string bead wire made the following assumptions: in the radial direction is completely soft, that bears no bending stress; in the direction of the axis of a rigid perfectly, there can be any of the tensile deion. Under this condition, the string bead wire first saw cutting curve and saw stone material surface completely overlap, such as in Figure 2 to the first curve, including AB, BC, CD 3 lines. At AB, BC, CD because of the internal radius of the R value tends to infinity, the sawing force is zero, the wear rate is zero. Sawing actually only in the A, B, C, D four points, making four corners and sharp blade, soon to be polished, and extends to the adjacent part, finally, the arc AB, BC, CD into a smooth curve, such as the curves in Figure 2. This process can be referred to as "from the point of leveling".

3.2 by Ping Quyuan

The wire saw cutting and processing stone, the change curve is basically a process by Fang Quyuan. In curve 2, sharp while being polished, but the entire sawing curve radius of curvature of the difference is still very large, original four angle position and nearby, the R value is much smaller than in other places, the sawing speed will be much faster than any other position. Thus the radius of curvature of these parts increases gradually, and away from the part of these parts of the R value correspondingly smaller, until the whole wear radius of curvature of the curve of each part and the wear rate reached some kind of equilibrium, such as the curves in Figure 2 3. When the top wear curve is similar to the circular arc, this process is called "a chemotaxisround". This process in stone material sawing may have to spend a long time, the sawing of initial conditions may also can not form a curve that three steady states. In this sawing process, A, B two points of the curvature is continuously reduced, and finally reduced to zero curvature and stop cutting, when the arc DC, arc AB and not to participate in the cutting of the loose edge, tight side of the two straight line. In B, C two, larger sawing speed the curvature radius of the continuous increase, arc BC the sawing speed balance gradually and finally close to in the hemicycle, and ab line DC become tangent to the arc BC, cut-off points were B, C. In sawing curve by flattening of the round in the process, the corresponding central angle is getting smaller and smaller, by the first greater than 1800 gradually decreased, when sawing side of the curve AB, DC segment sawing speed gradually slows down and finally become straight lines and stop cutting, the center of the corresponding angle is 180 degrees. The actual saw wire cutter curves only BC part of the arc tangent, the actual length of the sawing curve was significantly shortened.

3.3 stable sawing

Curve 3 is a very interesting stable sawing state. Top it close to semi arc, and in B, C two tangent and loose side and tight weight synthetic line, the two straight line distance with the driving wheel diameter D uniformly at this time, the whole system in the longitudinal (i.e. AD) to stop the sawing, in the transverse direction, the sawing speed equal, so as to keep the sawing stability curve shape. In bead wire sawing of stones of the whole process, saw cut the shape of the curve in adjustment and changes in most stage, sawing curve for sawing speed of different and constantly adjusting and shifting the curvature, and changes in the boundary conditions and the sawing curve has a great influence, only in the curved line 3 of the cases, all sorts of factors reached a balance and maintain stable shape.

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