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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw (three)

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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw (three)

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  Bead wire sawing curve to the top of the shape is similar to the circular, because saw caused by shear Beaded rope tension in the loose side small and in the tight side, different tension, will inevitably lead to string bead wire of stone pressure of different pressure tight on the edge of the cutting speed on the loose side, making the curvature further reduced and slightly less than the arc; on the contrary, the loose side of the curvature will be slightly larger than the arc. In order to maintain the balance of the whole cutting curve. At the same time, the tight side due to the increasing tension, curving forward, tangential C closer to point D, and B on the contrary, the line AB length is greater than the stable DC0 sawing stage sawing curve actual saw cut the length and shape of the curve remains the same, so curve stress stability without adjusting the initial tension of the system and other parameters, is a more ideal saw cutting state.

3.4 residual sawing

Stabilize the cutting of the posterior segment, tangential point B C gradually to the edge of a, near the D, Dangjin C first with D coincidence point and curve edge conditions will occur change, curves of three balance is broken, saw cut into residual sawing stage. At this stage, sawing curve corresponding to the central angle from the original 1800 continued to decrease, sawing curve length is shortened rapidly, increasing pressure on unit length of string bead wire must be timely adjustment of the initial tension of the system, in order to avoid beads or diamond because of too much pressure and destroyed.

4 rope saw cutting for stone quarry

4.1 quarry stone preparation

The use of the diamond wire saw, the need for certain conditions, general in open-pit mining must power, water and road, also have heavy equipment, means of transport, a large field, seam thickness of at least 500mm and more complete shape. Using diamond wire to mining stone after a series of preparatory work.

(1) punch

Drilling is a key of the preparatory work, if the pores are not good, a direct impact on the string bead wire penetrating, the service life of the rope and the cutting efficiency, so the procedure of drilling particularly important.

To cut a big block, must play three holes, a vertical hole and two horizontal hole. Three holes intersect in a point (as in Figure 3), which is the ideal play. If three holes do not pay at one point, it will appear the following: A. diamond wire perforation is too much trouble, could not even wear, then they would have to re punching, so as to reduce the production efficiency. B. even penetrating, cutting will be on the beaded rope life will have an impact, because the rope in the hole after many twists and turns a tortuous route, the rope wear more calendar harm, thus reducing the service life of the string bead wire. Hence, the drilling must according to the actual situation, according to the operation rules of.

(2) through the hole in the rope

Beaded rope used in the domestic stone industry, most of the use of artificial rope threading method, namely: the rope end is fixed multi strand loop cord, from a hole through, with wire from another hole leads to, this will wear through the application Zhusheng.

(3) installation equipment

Beaded rope penetrating, equipment installation, due to the heavy equipment, coupled with the cutting plane and need to re adjust the equipment, and in the side must be equipped with a lifting device, at any time can play a heavy installation.

(4) water supply

When cutting stones. The rope line speed, friction between the stone and big, if it does not add water or not enough water, rope and stone produced a large amount of heat will not only deion of the spring and the steel wire rope, may even make the spring melting and bonding together, loss of elasticity, so that will reduce the service life of the string bead wire. In order to ensure the quality and life of the rope must be water, water must be added along the direction of movement of the rope.

5 concluding remarks

At present, the diamond wire saw in stone industry in China gradually has been widely used, many domestic stone introduced advanced technology and equipment, the application of diamond beaded rope to mining stone and processing of various shapes of plate (mainly profiled sheet), which has high production efficiency, products of good quality, low cost, reflecting the new development of modern industrial production technology, has important significance for obtaining high quality blocks and various shapes of the plate to improve the stone processing quality and production efficiency and economic benefits. With the successful application of the multi rope cutting technique, it is a direct challenge to the traditional frame saw plate cutting method, so that the high efficiency and low cost cutting of large or super large plate becomes a reality. The superiority of the people more and more realize the beaded rope in stone processing.

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