About Us

What really makes us different from other marketing firms?

We understand how content marketing works and how the customer thinks when they do the research to choose a service provider. Our experience is firsthand from following up on literally thousands of internet leads, listening to why our company was chosen for projects, and then managing projects matching the quality of service promised online and in person. We genuinely understand how to communicate what makes your business different from the competition and bring those promises to reality.

Our real passion is helping good people behind great businesses succeed by raising their online exposure within a community. The best way to do this in our experience is by establishing trust online with a campaign of transparent and honest content that educates the customer. Couple this with knock-out design in your brand and you will be ahead of 95% of the competition in your industry. Learn the specifics of how we do this in the marketing services page.


Scott AboutScott Avery

Scientist turned craftsman, Scott has the left and right brain aptitude necessary for communicating a practical message to a wide audience. Scott started out by earning a M.S. in Molecular Biology at East Carolina University. Years later, the process of home ownership and a do it yourself mentality landed Scott as a student at an NWFA school and on the journey of entrepreneurship. Since then Scott owned a thriving contracting business for well over ten years. Living through the downs and creating the ups using the tools of modern marketing changed the game completely. Simply reading a lot of marketing books and implementing the advice is a very small part of our marketing experience.

The origins of Scott’s wood floor experience lie deep within the educational process of the National Wood Flooring Association. The extensive contracting and NWFA experience allows Scott to interpret the business needs from manufacturer to contractors to consumers.After realizing that the best of his talents were being limited in contracting, Scott started Momentum Agents to better serve his colleagues in the area of marketing and business strategy.




patrick weber

 Patrick Weber

Patrick Weber is our collaborative design partner who resides in Southern California. He received a B.A in Art/Graphic Design from SDSU in 2006. Patrick knows the power of visual communication of a brand in persuading viewers to purchase a product or service. He believes that a company’s visual identity can positively or negatively affect the way the public perceives their brand. Understanding the key visual components of a brand, such as a logo, stationery, print collateral, websites, and other marketing efforts – Patrick understands how to leverage a brand to motivate viewers to become prospects, and prospects into customers.